Moonlight on Manila Bay by Fernando M. Maramag (1912)

12 Dec

1 A light, serene, ethereal glory rests
2 Its beams effulgent on each crestling wave;
3 The silver touches of the moonlight wave
4 The deep bare bosom that the breeze molests;
5 While lingering whispers deepen as the wavy crests
6 Roll with weird rhythm, now gay, now gently grave;
7 And floods of lambent light appear the sea to pave-
8 All cast a spell that heeds not time‘s behests.
9 Not always such the scene; the din of fight
10 Has swelled the murmur of the peaceful air;
11 Here East and West have oft displayed their might;
12 Dark battle clouds have dimmed this scene so fair;
13 Here bold Olympia, one historic night,
14 Presaging freedom, claimed a people‘s care.

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