Speech Choir Piece for English Month: TNHS

24 Oct

The Resiliency of a Filipino

by William G. Bacani



B : Filipino is resilient

G : Since time immemorial, we are tested by countless calamities; volcanic eruptions, devastating earthquakes and lahar flows, super typhoons, flash floods and landslides.

B : Victoriously, we surmounted these ordeals and pains, beyond imagination of the human race

G : Instant death of our loved ones, claimed by transportation mishaps and natural disasters. Thousands also die in hunger and malnutrition.

All : Including ambushes and endless wars in Mindanao. They trampled our basic human rights, such as the right to live

G (solo) : I lost my loving husband, who didn’t want to join Abu Sayyaf.

G (solo) : I lost my only son, who opted to become a military man.

G : We lost our innocent children and women, we lost our homes and properties.

B : Survivors are Filipinos. The wrath of nature and cruel destiny may steal everything from us.

B (solo) : Wealth, properties, and family

All : But the Filipinos never give up

B : For us we are continuously scourged by the test of time. The spirit to survive and to bounce back remains undefeated

All : I’m as pliant as a bamboo for I’m a man of Earth

G : My hair may all be blown away by the winds

B : And my legs may be crippled by the smash of waves

All : But I will stand and pick up the shattered pieces of myself and continue to live

B : Resolute to survive, clothed with an inspiration to live, not only for my family but also for my beloved country

All : Filipinos unite in the midst of crisis, regardless of socio-economic status, tradition and creed

G : The world has seen the magnanimous spirit of the Filipinos in crucial times.

All : The gap between the rich and the poor was narrowed

G (solo) : Envy was replaced by sympathy

G (solo) : Hatred was conquered by love

B (solo) : Selfishness was set aside

B : And saving one’s live is the ultimate desire

All : History tells us that the Filipinos have captured innumerable foes, natural and not. And shall always strive to champion in all odds. Because innate in the Filipino is the will to survive

B : We may be daunted by the horrible scenes around us. But certainly, we will be strengthened by our unwavering faith in God.

G : We have been lotted by many nations in the world, for our resiliency during disasters, others die in saving lives.

All : But only few realize, that we are able to survive, because our spirit to fight is deeply anchored from faith, that God Almighty will never forsake us.

B (solo) : I believe that Filipinos, divided by varied doctrines and cultures, are capable to be on top of any situation, if united

All : Together, we can face any challenge ahead of us.

B : We may stumble and fall

All : But we will bounce back, arms stronger with vision and faith, that after darkness, after pains and sufferings, the Filipino survives, the Filipino is resilient.



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